We find out about Mindgame at the Ambassadors Theatre from one of the stars, Michael Sherwin


Anthony Horowitz’s psychological thriller, Mindgame is set to thrill audiences at The Ambassadors Theatre for the next three weeks.

The play, which has recently completed an acclaimed UK tour, follows a crime writer, who decides to interview a notorious serial killer for a new book.

The three-hander stars Andrew Ryan, Sarah Wynne Kordas and Michael Sherwin, who took some time off from his West End preparation to tell us a bit about the show.

Michael told us, ‘It’s one of those plays that’s really difficult to say too much about without giving it away. But Antony Horowitz said to us that he wanted to see if he could write a play with only three characters that bamboozled an audience by the interval and would have them even more bamboozled by the end, and he’s done that.’

And the acclaimed playwright, who is perhaps best know for creating and writing the television series Foyle’s War and the Alex Rider series of novels, has been heavily involved in this production, the first in the West End since 2000.

‘This was Antony Horowitz first play he ever wrote so it’s a bit of his baby; he’s been very supported all the way round. It has been done in the West End before but this is a revised version, he’s changed a few things here and there, so it’s sort of a new version.’ Michael enthuses.

And it’s been a very quick turn around for the company, who only found out about the West End transfer last week. It follows the early closure of All Or Nothing- The Mod Musical at the venue, which a left a three-week window of opportunity for something else, prior to the much-anticipated West End transfer of Pressure from Chichester Festival Theatre.

But Michael is delighted by the surprise West End run, ‘It’s really exciting, a little bit scary and completely out of the blue. Everybody we’ve spoken to has said “You’re completely mad” but you can’t miss an opportunity like this, so we’re going to take the opportunity and see what happens.’

Mindgame will run at The Ambassadors Theatre from 15 May until 2 June.


Photos by Simon Cooper

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