FIRST LOOK: Clive Owen, Anna Gunn, Lia Williams & Julian Glover in rehearsal for Night of the Iguana


Rehearsal images have been released ahead of the opening of Night of the Iguana at the Noel Coward Theatre on 6 July. The play stars Clive Owen, Anna Gunn, Lia Williams and Julian Glover.

With Alasdair Baker (The Bear, The Strangers) as Herr Fahrenkopf;Timothy Blore (Edward II, Ghost About the House) as Wolfgang; Emma Canning (Heart in Cardio, Towers) as Charlotte Goodall; Karin Carlson(Ladies in Waiting) as Hilda; Ian Drysdale (Network) as Jake Latta;Manuel Pacific (West Side Story, The Most Amazing Story Ever Sung)as Pancho; Faz Singhateh (Henry V) as Hank; Finty Williams (A Pack of Lies, The Divide) as Miss Fellowes, and Penelope Woodman (The Last Ship, Mary Poppins) as Frau Fahrenkopf. Madeleine Day, Mufrida Hayes, Andrew McDonald and David Young complete the company.

Thrown together for one eventful night that pulses with conflicting passions and a surprising edge of humour, a group of tourists including Shannon, a disgraced priest and a troubled artist Hannah arrive at a remote coastal Mexican hotel run by the beautifully sensual Maxine. One night brings them together, and will leave them forever altered. What path will they choose?


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Photos by Brinkhoff.Moegenburg