Don’t get Bogged Down with our World Toilet Day Quiz!

George Salazar in Be More Chill

It’s World Toilet Day! Yes, we’re as surprised as you are. And what better way to celebrate than with a quiz all about the toilets that turn up in musicals? Sure, there are Hello Dolly’s famous steps, Les Mis’s barricade and the Phantom’s chandelier, but today we’re shedding a light on the unsung set pieces of your favourite West End shows – the loos! Take the quiz below and let us know how you did!


Don’t get bogged down with our World Toilet Day Quiz!

It's World Toilet Day? Why not BRUSH up on your musical theatre bathroom knowledge and take our lavatory-based quiz? Will you be on a ROLL with 10/10, or will your score need to be FLUSHED away?



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